The Bad Friday Agreement – Some Tory MP’s Not Happy

Tory MPs Are Really Worried About The DUP’s Gay Rights Record”

Tory MPs have told BuzzFeed News they are deeply concerned that any alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) could cause serious damage to the Conservative party’s public image owing to the Northern Irish party’s record on LGBT and abortion rights.

Politicians on the modernising wing of the Conservatives fear the party’s progress in appealing to minorities could be wasted, and say they are already receiving large volumes of correspondence from constituents concerned about a formal alliance with a party that has consistently blocked same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, and opposed any move to legalise abortion.

LGBT Conservative groups have registered their opposition, while the increasingly-powerful Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson requested specific reassurances from Theresa May that LGBT rights would be defended as part of any arrangement with the DUP.

“Privately, people have expressed their concerns to the whips and Number 10,” former education secretary Nicky Morgan told BuzzFeed News. “MPs are being flooded from emails from campaign groups.”

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