Church of Scotland set for key vote on gay marriage | Christian News on Christian Today

The Church of Scotland is expected to take a significant step toward accepting gay marriage next week.

Proposals to allow ministers to preside over LGBT weddings are thought likely to pass a vote in the Kirk’s General Assembly next Thursday.

The procession at the opening of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotlan

The suggestion by the Church’s Theological Forum insists there must be protections for ‘conscientious refusal’ from conservative clergy but evangelicals fear the move could lead to all ministers being forced to take gay weddings, even if it is against their beliefs.So although the recommendations are thought to pass, there could be several years of legal wrangling before same-sex ceremonies take place in the Church of Scotland.

The Kirk’s governing General Assembly, which meets in Edinburgh from Saturday, will also vote on whether to apologise to gay people for past discrimination.

Source:  Christian Today

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