Gay marriage boosts happiness, health: study – NY Daily News

Marriage is known to come with goodies besides wedding gifts. Tying the knot has been shown to boost physical and mental well-being for spouses. You know — happy wife, happy life.

A new study shows that gay marriage — or, as many in the LGBT community call it, marriage — boasts the same benefits.

The University of Washington research — part of the national longitudinal investigation: “Aging with Pride: National Health, Aging, Sexuality/Gender Study” — is among the first look at health and social impacts of gay marriage.

So move over, Dick and Jane. It’s time for Janet and Mary. And Andy and Mark — and other same-sexers — to get some study time.

“There were big gaps for health and well-being between married gay couples and gay singles,” lead author Jayn Goldsen, research study supervisor in the UW School of Social Work, told the Daily News.

Source:  – NY Daily News

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