Five Findings About Masculinity and Anger and Aggression | Psychology Today

The relationship between gender, anger, and violence is more complex than people realize, and common beliefs (e.g., men are angrier than women) often end up being untrue when we look closely at the research. What’s not nearly as complicated, though, is the relationship between masculinity and anger and aggression. (Listen here for more.)

Here are five things we know:

1. Masculinity is associated with anger.

In a 2014 study from the University of South Australia, Michelle Wharton and colleagues looked at the relationship between masculinity and anger arousal. Specifically, they had participants complete a series of questionnaires related to gender roles and anger in which they found that gender role identity, but not biological sex, explains anger differences. In other words, it was masculine participants who reported greater anger than feminine participants did, and not simply that males were angrier than females. In fact, females who had a more masculine gender identity were angrier than females with a more feminine gender identity.

Source: Psychology Today

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