Mormons’ reactions to LGBT video reveal the LDS Church’s mixed messages about gays | Religion News Service

With my parents, I feel like [coming out to them in a private Facebook message] was the best way. They could read it, they would be able to think about it in their minds and have their reactions without me seeing it.” – Xian Mackintosh

It gave me time to take it in, to get rid of all the anger.” – Scott Mackintosh

Last Thursday, the Mormon Channel released a new video to “The Mackintoshes’ Story – A Son Comes Out and a Family Loves.” (The video is embedded at the bottom of this post.)

While this family’s story beautifully exemplifies how Mormon families often react in love to gay loved ones who come out, leave the church, and have romantic partners, Mormons’ diverse reactions to this video reveal tensions in LDS attitudes—not just toward homosexuality, but also toward religious authority and change. The resulting confusion can tell us a lot about the mixed messages the church is sending to members.

Some of the first reactions were gratitude, relief, and surprise. One commenter remarked, “This is so refreshing. It’s even put out by the church I believe.” And another said, “I was so surprised when I saw the church’s logo at the end!” (Yes, this is really from the church, as this direct link to itself proves.)

Other reactions were along the lines of “this could have been my story”:

Source: Religion News Service

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