“LGBT change heroes 2017: breaking through from oppression” | The Guardian

Pioneers working in a country where homophobia is rife

Few – Forum for the Empowerment of Women – in Johannesburg was nominated by Jenny Ricks, convenor of the Fight Inequality network:

Few is the only organisation in South Africa specifically focusing on the rights of black lesbian women. They are pioneers, working in a country where rights are guaranteed under the constitution but the daily reality is far from the ideal. Patriarchy, homophobia, violence and inequality are rife.

Running for well over a decade Few has faced challenging times, not least the well-publicised violence targeting black lesbian women. In the Johannesburg area, Few has led work on combatting hate crimes, developing political education and life skills programmes for women and organising the Soweto Pride, which faced a clampdown from authorities last year.

Source: The Guardian

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