Aunts, Uncles and Cousins

Weldon/ McNeilage families

Patrick had one brother, John Charles (1923 – 89), and one sister (Margaret Lillian, known to us as “Peggy”, 1919 – 90). Both were older than him. In addition, there was his half sister, Katherine (“Kate” 1909 – 2007). from his mother’s first marriage to Archibald McNeilage. All of these lived reasonably closely to us when we were in Malvern East/Wychwood/Primrose Hill). Kate was in Malvern, Peggy in Dunvegan, Edenvale, and Johnny in Benoni, so we saw them from time to time (especially Johnny), and knew our cousins.

In addition to the half sister Kate on the McNeilage branch of the family, there were also Archibald (1903-1941), Elsa (1906 – 25), and William Andrew (1907 – 68). Those dates show that before Patrick was even born, Elsa had already died, and the two brothers were adults who may already have left home. It’s not clear how well he even knew them. He once told me he’d had an uncle who died before he was born – but it wasn’t an uncle who had died, it was an aunt. Whether or not he did know them though, I certainly never met them. Both the uncles lived the later part of their lives in the Eastern Transvaal, and we were in Johannesburg.

Benoni Weldons

Sussens/Barnes/Connolly family

Doreen was the youngest of four – two sisters and a brother. Olga was the oldest, followed by Evelyn, Clarence Aubrey (who preferred to be known as Aubrey). Olga had three sons, Keith (Graham), Kenneth and Trevor, Aubrey three daughters (Jane, Victoria / Vicky and Sarah / Sally , and Evelyn just one daughter, Dawn.

All of these lived for at least a time either with or neighbouring Clarence and Sarah Sussens, Especially when I was also living with the grandparents, I got to know them all fairly well.

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